Project for a new square on the water in Porto Catena, Mantua

Project for a new square on the water in Porto Catena, Mantua Limit is an opportunity Scientific Directors: Massimo Ferrari, Claudia Tinazzi Collaborator: Nicola Cimarosti, Martin Corullon, Annalucia D’Erchia, Pedro Escoriza Torralbo, Federica Pugliese, Cristian Undurraga Contacts:, Project year: 2022 Mantua, sorrounded by water, preserves in the history of its formation an extraordinary liminal…
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The River and the City. Re-qualification of the floodplain area of San Benedetto Po

The River and the City Re-qualification of the floodplain area of San Benedetto Po Scientific Directors: Andrew Berman, Angelo Lorenzi, Luca Cardani Collaborator: Linda Flaviani, Marcela Marques Costa Partners: Comune di San Benedetto Po Contacts:, Project year: 2022 The project offers an opportunity to reestablish the ancient relationship between people and the Great River, dealing…
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Enhancement of the Stable Meadows territory in the Mincio Valley Scientific Directors: Carlo Peraboni Collaborator:Carmen Angelillo, Martina Borini, Stefania Campioli, Andrea de Toni, Chiara Visentin, Chiara Lanzoni Contacts: Project year: 2021 – ongoing yOUR 2030 is a container that brings together the strategic directions pursued by the Mantua Campus to promote sustainability-oriented planning as indicated…
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Experiences & Actions for Sustainability. Land Repair Day. Goal 2030

The theme of sustainability discussed from multiple points of view through the experiences and concrete actions of different stakeholders was the subject of the seminar organized by the Land Repair group of Mantovalab. The experiences reported, different in type, purpose and users, have highlighted the need to act with an integrated approach. Starting from Goal 11, “Sustainable Cities and Communities”, of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, the aim is to develop a 360° sustainability.

Urban Guidelines

The research started within the framework of the Cooperation Agreement signed in June 2014 by the Municipality of San Giovanni Lupatoto and the Mantova Campus of Politecnico di Milano.

ReActive Strategies. Idea, Projects and Actions for the city

The aim of the research is to reflect on the different characteristics of the processes of regeneration and the plurality of relationships that these interventions establish with the urban system and with the communities that live in and animate those contexts.